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Full story of Tatsumura Textile. Explore and discover the rich heritage woven by the pioneer of the "Art Textile."


Obi Sash

"Obi (sash belt)" is the first word written in history of Tatsumra, which defined the subject of the product manufacturing; "Revitalization and establishment. Distinct aesthetic sense."


In order to answer the voices of customers wanting distinctive character for daily used items, high quality items are produced.

Drop Curtain

Textile woven by one of the largest loom in the world with rich artistic quality. Drop curtain that puts brilliant color just as painting does to the atmosphere.



Tatsumura Textile has been producing original art textile (brocade) works and restored numerous valuable textiles (brocades) from various places in Japan, by using sophisticated restoration skill and ingenious design, both inherited from the first Heizo.

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Bags, tea ceremony items, miscellaneous goods and etc. Enjoy the beauty and skill of Tatsumura Textile which fostered through long history.

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The latest news of Tatsumura Textile.

What's New
Asahi Shinbun April 7th, 2015
07 Apr.2015
An article about First Heizo Tatsumura was written, describing that he was the model of the story "Nishiki."
What's New
Sankei Shinbun February 21st, 2015
21 Feb.2015
An article about the First Heizo Tatsumura being the model of the novel, "Nishiki" was written.