Appearance on news papers, magazines, T.V, radio, websites and other medias

Asahi Shinbun April 7th, 2015
07 Apr.2015
An article about First Heizo Tatsumura was written, describing that he was the model of the story "Nishiki."
Nihon Keizai Shinbun February 28th, 2015
28 Feb.2015
An article about "Nishiki" the last novel written by Tomiko Miyao. The model of novel was the First Heizo Tatsumura.
Sankei Shinbun February 21st, 2015
21 Feb.2015
An article about the First Heizo Tatsumura being the model of the novel, "Nishiki" was written.
"Imperial family special autumn 2014" BS TBS
11 Jan.2015
Documentary about Empress Michiko featured Tatsumura Textile.
"Super News Anchor" Kansai T.V
06 Oct.2014
Product that Tatsumura Textile and Baccarat collaborated was featured by news program.


Bags, tea ceremony items, miscellaneous goods and etc. Enjoy the beauty and skill of Tatsumura Textile which fostered through long history.