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Sukiya Pouch (Tea-things) (for men) (Tempyo Danmon Nishiki)

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  • Sukiya Pouch (Tea-things) (for men) (Tempyo Danmon Nishiki)

    An item for gentlemen fascinated with tea ceremony.

  • Sukiya Pouch (Tea-things) (for men) (Tempyo Danmon Nishiki)

This is a bit larger sized “sukiya-bukuro” to contain “kaishi paper” and “fukusa-cloth” when you attend a tea ceremony. Also, this pouch is usable for other daily lives like using a clutch bag. You can enjoy by using a different designs depending on occasions. In the liner cloth, TATSUMURA’s logo are woven that makes this item be a proud one for you.

Size (cm) : W23.0xH16.0xD4.0

If you want other designs, please do not hesitate to inform us. We will reply.

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JPY 14,000
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