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Table Runner No.1 (50x30cm) (Karahana Socho Chohan-kin)

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  • Table Runner No.1 (50x30cm) (Karahana Socho Chohan-kin)

    A popular interior item, adds color to table top.

  • Table Runner No.1 (50x30cm) (Karahana Socho Chohan-kin)

  • Table Runner No.1 (50x30cm) (Karahana Socho Chohan-kin)

We like to introduce our “Table Runners”.
The fabric is called the “Warp-patterned Brocade” of which designs are formed with warp ends passing over and under wefts. This weaving technique can be seen in the brocade fabrics kept in the Shoso-in Repository and in Horyu-ji Temple since the ancient times. We have restored these ancient fabrics, and through the restoration, we learned the sophisticated weaving technology, and as a result, we have designed over 300 patterns.

We have varieties of sizes (in cm) from No.1 size (W30xH50) upto No.10 size (W120xH180) for your convenience.

This item is light in weight, so convenient to carry as a gift to your friends and to your important customers when you go abroad.

[Click here if you want packed in an elegant box made of paulownia wood.]

size(cm):W30 x H50
JPY 6,000
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